Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you the next Steve Jobs, Elon Musk? Are you interested in finding out how to create your own products?

1. Opportunity stage

Learn how to identify good opportunities, and how to create valuable products.

2. Market research

What if you build and no one shows up? Learn how to do market research to validate assumptions about the opportunity.

3. System level design

System level design is about defining the important functions of the product based on user requirements.

4. Concept generation

This is about brainstorming different concepts of the product that can still meet the functions.

5. Detail design

This section discusses how to go about the mechanical, electronic and manufacturing design of your product.

Learn technical skills

AutoCAD Fusion 360
Learn Python
Learn WordPress
Learn Arduino
AutoCAD Fusion 360

Learn how to model your design using Fusion 360 (CAD Software)

Learn Python

Learn how to code using Python.

Learn WordPress

Learn how to build your own website using wordpress.

Learn Arduino

Learn electronics using Arduino.

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