FNB Dominates the Online Banking Space

FNB is the most visited banking website in South Africa at the moment according to the latest statistics derived from Alexa the world’s website ranking site , further statistics from Similar Web  show that it received at least 16 million page views over the past six months, in fact FNB receives more visits than news24, OLX and LinkedIn just to name a few. It seems South Africans are embracing the new way of banking online and are choosing FNB to do it with.

Before we conclude anything about the statistics, we need to analyze the statistics and have a closer look at the factors that are contributing to FNB’s ranking. Using the data from Similar Web we can see that FNB derives most of the traffic (64%) from direct linking to the site which makes it even more impressive. Another interesting point to observe is that paid search and display ads only contribute less than 2% which shows that their ranking is not boosted marketing budget to drive traffic to the website.

This is not the first time FNB leads the online banking sector in South Africa, in 2015 a Digital Research Company Columinate named FNB as the best online bank. Other factors that contribute to its success is the ease of use, low banking fees, partnership with PayPal for withdrawal and other innovative services. This has paid off with an ever increasing customer base.