White People Teaching People Isixhosa

Learn isiXhosa online

It is the ultimate mix of transformation and technology advancement in the country. It hasn’t been long since Udemy launched its product offerings to appeal to the South African market and they are making waves already. This week I bumped into an interesting course on their platform “isiXhosa for Beginners” South African Language”, what was interesting besides the fact that it is one of our 11 official languages in the country is that it was offered by two white instructors.


The course is created by Ron Endley and Mathew Henshall, Ron has a master’s degree in isiXhosa and has over 40 years of experience in teaching and lecturing. Mathew, on the other hand, is an experienced Udemy instructor with 8 courses and 1149 students enrolled in his courses. The two have created a 4-week long self-paced course teaching people isiXhosa language and the aim is to make students proficient in basic conversation. The course is created for anyone wanting to learn the culture and isiXhosa language. But I think the biggest market is with international tourists coming into the country and wanting to connect with the local people. However, this is not the only online language course on the platform, there are other courses that teach our traditional languages such as Zulu.

Technology is clearly bringing about change in the country, to some extent it also aids transformation and breaks some of the stereotypical beliefs. We need to embrace technology and appreciate the role it plays in helping us unite our rainbow nation. This online course is definitely a step in the right direction.

About Udemy

Udemy which is partly owned by Naspers is an international online learning platform offering people the opportunity to teach others or to learn from others. Teachers, Lectures, and Experts can create online courses to teach people about a specific subject or teach them a new skill. The platform is used by millions of students around the world with over 80 different languages.