A New Idea for Teaching, Learning and Coding

Reacoda (we are coding)

“We want to teach 1 million people programming in the next 10 years through our platform and collaborations with other organizations”, says the founder of Idyee. That goal, even by university standards is ambitious but then again this is no ordinary company. Idyee is trying to disrupt the education space by coming up with a new way of teaching and learning how to code.

About Idyee

Idyee is a software company that teaches and mentors students in mobile and web applications development. The company not only focuses teaching but it also allows the students to apply their skills by working on enterprise software projects for their clients. The company was founded by Tiisesto Mphuti, who is passionate about education and holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Pretoria, he was also selected to be part of the 100 upcoming Green Technology Entrepreneurs by Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and IBA (Multinational consulting firm) in 2015. His partner, Khabo Morolong has a computer science background and has been teaching and serving as a Research Assistant in the Computer Science Department at the National University of Lesotho prior to joining Idyee. The two have teamed up to create a one of a kind learning platform Reacoda ( We are coding) and together they run their start-up in Pretoria and can often be found at the Innovation Hub.

Idyee at work

Idyee at work

Idyee didn’t start out as a software company or teaching people how to code, initially, the company was working on developing wireless changers for smartphones using magnetic resonance. After releasing the first version of their wireless charger, they encountered technical problems with the chargers and to solve them they required extensive funding for research which they didn’t have, as a result, they abandoned the project. However no hope was lost, Tiisesto soon came up with a new “Idyee” (idea ) that will disrupt how we will learn how to code. According to Tissetso, the idea came to him when he was in a Physics class. “The class was given a quantum mechanics problem that required one to write a program code to normalize a wave function. I had to learn to programme. In the process, I realized how I can quickly write a code to solve any problem. I then had an epiphany that learning how to code can be useful to a lot of people” says Tiisesto.

Idyee making an impact

Idyee is making an impact in many people’s lives by giving them the skills they need to compete in this challenging digital age where IT skills are so important to have. They have collaborated with organizations such as Geekulcha to teach and mentor High School pupils in and around Pretoria in mobile and web application development. Besides developing software and applications for other companies, Idyee is still conducting experiments by allowing people to take their 3-month online coding Bootcamp, the objective is to find the best way to teach and learn how to code.

We certainly hope they get right, I can imagine what difference it would make if a million more people learned how to code in the country. If you would like to find out more information about Idyee and how to joining their learning program visit their website at