African Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship

As young African people, we are excited by technological advancements and innovations, its reflective in our attraction to the latest Apple and Samsung smartphones, as well as how we marvel at companies such as Tesla and Space-X for pushing the boundaries into a new advanced world. We marvel at the world of possibilities that lie ahead, we look so far into the future forgetting that Africa still has some catching up to do.

Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, the respective founders of Apple and Space X, propelled the world into the future, But who is spear-heading Africa’s 4 th Industrial Revolution? It’s hard to imagine that we have one, this is partly due to the lack of economic structures needed to carry out such a revolution. This delivers us to Africas dying need for youth entrepreneurship and innovation.

While the world worries about autonomous cars, Africa is yet to produce a world-class, globally competitive car. This is not only in our automotive industry, but all other industries. The answer to such a problem lies in the development and cultivation of youth entrepreneurship. The economic involvement of young people in the form of entrepreneurship would be the basis of developing an industrious continent that is an active global player in the world economy with regards to manufacturing and increasing for overall GDP.

This is where the communal nature of Africans come into play. To develop an industry, we will need involvement from all other industries. Say, for example, to develop the car, we would need a financial management company, a graphic design company, Chemical manufacturing company, logistics company and an array of other companies would be necessary for the actualization of such a car, companies that can only be born through entrepreneurship. If we, the young people of Africa, hope to live in a more advanced Africa, we will need to establish businesses that will contribute to the development of Africa we envision.

It is not enough to rely on the already established non-African founded companies that exist today, as they do not know where we wish to take the continent. We need African solutions for uniquely African problems. We have it our capacity to create the world we want to live in, the sooner we get involved through entrepreneurship and innovation, the sooner we can build the Africa we envision for ourselves and our future.