Hi guys! I’m Nick I’m a mechanical engineer who works full time as a design engineer for a mining company and does blogging part-time. I started this blog while doing my final year at university primarily to teach and inspire fellow young South Africans about engineering.


I have been very fortunate enough to get a bursary and to be admitted to one of the best engineering universities in the country (Tuks), in return I made myself a personal promise to teach other young people what I’ve learned. In a country like ours, I believe a lot of youth can benefit from having that technical knowledge and using that to create value for our country.


South Africa and Africa, in general, has a shortage supply of engineers, and one of the reasons amongst others is that many young people particularly black Africans don’t take interest in engineering and sciences. It’s not that they are not intelligent but rather they not exposed and encouraged to follow such careers. Part of Nick Inspires is to bring exposure and attract more young people to the engineering field.

My Vision

Engineering is essentially problem-solving in a creative way and there are many problems to solve in Africa. I personally won’t be able to solve all of them, however, I can multiply the rate at which we solve these problems by sharing with others what I know. My focus is on helping entrepreneurs/non-engineers, who have great ideas for products that might solve real problems but may not have the technical knowledge to bring them to life.

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