Hi guys! I’m Nick I’m a mechanical engineer who works full time as a design engineer for a mining company and does blogging part-time.

How long will Africans be content with the status quo of just mining and farming and exporting raw materials overseas? We don’t just want to become consumers of finished goods, we also want to become producers of products that are being used by us. Why? Because we can and we should. We can’t become post-industrial societies without having first being Industrial societies.

Industrialization through manufacturing is not going to solve all our economic problems in Africa, but it’s been proven to work for developed countries such as Europe, America, and lately Asian countries, so why can’t we make it work in Africa? There is no better time in the history of Africa than right now to industrialize, previously it was difficult to do that because of colonization, lack of knowledge and technology. Today we living in a free and open world, information is easily available and we have a general understanding of how things work.

So with that in mind, I want to use the knowledge that I have about engineering, design, and business to teach young people about product development. There are primarily two objectives; first is to inspire people to invent, design, and develop great products. This is important to do because most Africans don’t believe they can create their own phones or even cars, most ideas die without being realized. So we need to disrupt, dispute and inspire young Africans to a new way of thinking. The last thing is to actually teach them the technical skills related to product development.

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