Product development: Learn how to design your own products

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This is course is aimed at entrepreneurs who have a business idea to start a business around developing a new product or inventing something useful. The course takes an engineering approach to product development, and it is presented in a very clear and easy to understand lessons that will help the entrepreneur turn their idea to an actual working prototype.


The course focuses on the 5 main parts of the product development cycle:

  1. Opportunity stage: This is the idea stage when the entrepreneur discovers an opportunity to bring value into the market place. On this section, we discuss how to identify good opportunities, and how to create valuable products.
  2. Market research: Market research is done to validate the initial assumptions about the opportunity to develop a new product. The output of market research is the user requirements, which defines what the customer wants from the product
  3. System level design: System level design is about defining the important functions of the product based on user requirements. The output of this stage is a functional diagram of the product.
  4. Concept generation: This is about brainstorming different concepts of the product that can still meet the functions of the product and selecting the best one.
  5. Detail design and Manufacturing: At this stage, the solution to the problem has been fully defined, and needs to be designed for manufacture. This section discusses how to go about the mechanical, electronic and manufacturing design of your product. The entrepreneur will know what he needs to do in order to prototype his idea.

The output of the course

  • How to evaluate your business idea for a product
  • How to identify opportunities
  • How to conduct market research for your business
  • How to generate good concepts for your product
  • How to design your product
  • How to go about manufacturing your product
  • Where to learn technical skills to design your product
  • How to register your business
  • AutoCAD modeling your product
  • Learn how to design a website
  • Learn how to create a business profile


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